Author: Basil Simon

Basil Simon is a musical life coach. He dedicates his time and creativity to using his musical skills to express and communicate his best observations and thoughts in life.He is an internationally acclaimed composer most notably known for having found his place in history with the Sealand national anthem; “E Mare Libertas” (Latin) “From the Sea, Freedom” Prince Michael of Sealand awarded an honary Lordship to Basil as a thank you for his brilliant compositionBasil Simon has worked with many notable people and super stars including: Gary Barlow Olly Murrs Frank Pels Feiny Peter Kerr Kelly Rowland Michael Westerguard TJ Davies Jimmy Sion Ray DaviesHe has had two album releases. the first being Mindfield in cpnjunction with the Aetherius society in 1996 selling over 60 000 copies. His second album "Dancing for the money man" was released in 2012 however never got promoted due to Basil becoming very ill.Basil is now planning a new album to be named "Lyrics for life" to be released later in 2017/18Basil Also performed on the 2011 X Factor UK as a singer! He made it to the last 16 of the overs category and was tipped as a potential winner until he had to leave the show due to serious health issues.Since that time Basil has had major surgery and lost over 18 stones in total in weight. Obesity has left him with Arthritis in knees hips ankles and elbows but he does battle through this in order to effect the world with good.

Magical Reality

heads, thumbsup, verucog, magical, reality

Electronic rock Dark and moody Creatively authentic (no compromise toward commerciality) A featured song from the album “Dancing for the Money Man” What is the meaning of life? For me the meaning of life is good. In turn this means having a close relationship with positivity. In my experience if a person chooses to celebrate […]

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