Definition Of Good And Bad By Basil Simon Musical Life Coach

What is Good and what is bad?

In this world of information overload, Capitalism motivates humans to make money any way they can. Standards have become a free for all, violent entertainment is the norm, shocking imagery is prefered in order to take attention from the masses. The dangerous result is; no clear definition of “good” and “bad”. Young minds are growing in a world where heroes kill, music artists celebrate violent street life and none of this is challenged in any meaningful way. There is no real leadership from western leaders, morality is not a priority in public thinking.


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I offer this guide for anyone who is interested. If you wish to develop being a good person then this is a decent guide.

Basil Simon’s definition of good

Something is good if it is any of the following (without having any qualifiers from the ‘bad’ definition list)….

  1. constructive toward solutions
  2. Relieves suffering
  3. Promotes harmony and human cohesion
  4. Preserves and sustains life
  5. Brings joy
  6. Inspires humans positively
  7. Encourages positive intellectual growth
  8. Celebrates positive progress

Basil Simon’s definition of bad

Something qualifies as bad if it is ANY of the following…….

  1. Destructive & creates problems
  2. Creates suffering
  3. Promotes division and conflict
  4. Destructive to life
  5. Brings stress and unhappiness
  6. Inspires humans negatively
  7. Sabotages positive intellectual growth
  8. Celebrates destruction, discord or disharmony

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The Verucog 

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