Is the Trump administration capable of firing a missile at Guam to justify an attack on North Korea?

Would the current US administration actually send a submarine to sit off the coast of North Korea and fire a missile at guam?

After the Iraq Saddam Hussein episode played out with the “weapons of mass destruction” marketing campaign it  proved to the world the full consequences of an effective demonisation of a “dictator” for the purposes of a seemingly justified attack. We all remember how it turned out there in fact were no weapons of mass destruction to be found…. After the west invaded.

That conflict led to the absolute mayhem we have since witnessed across that whole middle east region including the appearance of ISIS.

I for one am very sceptical of any information I receive that appears to be a part of a series of stories such as the ones we have been subjected to regarding Kim Jong-Un. The west have clearly demonstrated an ability to present information in a way that absolutely suggests a threat from any nation it chooses to target.

Economic motives 

Is it possible that the US is desperate to add North Korea to its portfolio of economic activities? If they did so then would that potentially double the economic successes experienced in its deep development and financial entrenchment in South Korea?

No trust given the history

Pyongyang has resisted any attempts by the US to do business in the region to date which is not too surprising when we consider the history. During the second world war North Korea was subjected to a complete annihilation by the US military where the entire country was reduced to rubble. Even after it was completely destroyed the bombing continued for another two years after that.

The entire North Korean system is now built on that memory. They are a militarised society fully expecting a second attack by the US. Should the world be feeding North Korean paranoia with threats of fire and fury? Or working toward easing fears and building human trust?


I cannot help wondering if there is actually any will at all to do the humane thing and counsel the damaged national psychology of the DPRK.  If the intention was to stabilise the region and help the country to finally heal after its trauma of the second world war then reaching out, assuring and then leaving them alone would absolutely be the right approach. You would not stalk a tiger to make it feel safe. North Korea are definitely being stalked in our media. They are seriously famous! and for all the wrong reasons.

The reality

In my opinion North Korea is a country that really just wants to be left alone to exist despite the rest of the world. If we completely forgot about them tomorrow as being a danger and instead began celebrating them in our media then in time I believe perceptions would change and they would start to feel a level of safety.

Presently I view Kim as nothing more than a barking poodle yapping away at the burglars. (If that perception of yapping hasn’t been created by the west?)

Is it possible he sees the capitalist neocons gathering at his door getting ready to kick it in? Could he be correct in this view? I suspect so. If he is yapping away what is he saying? Could it be…. “dont come near me, il bite… honest…. honest, Im telling you….. I mean it, you better listen…. STAY AWAY FROM ME!” Lets face it…. we have been hearing apparent threats from North Korea for decades now without any real substance. Is the threat real? or created by neocons intent on demonisation? Who is really firing missiles across the sea toward Japan? hmmmm. Call me mad but…… anythings possible here right?

Reality politics

We are certainly living through unstable political times. People online sensensationalise the concept of an approaching third world war as we witness unprecedented exchanges between powerful world leaders. I would suggest to you that we entered the third world war long ago with the emergence of the internet. Information is the third world war! The battle for minds and desirable public perceptions has never been so fierce. dissemination of information has never been so confusing and this constant bombardment of global communication has become the leading light. Politics has entered an incredibly dirty level in the US alone. The biggest military power on earth has been acquired by a reality star.  He understands the mindset of his followers and its not pretty. It seems to lack a certain amount of love and they are marching strongly to marginalise any socialist or liberal views as the big bad left. Reality politics is feeding the ugly side of American psychology. The Jerry Springer audience has taken control of the world with Donald Trump as their glorious leader!  Reality politics plays out daily via twitter and today North Korea is threatened by the American right wing with Fire and fury.

I just hope this is nothing more than a distraction from something we will never see! 


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